Hawaii Five-O and Other Sunglass Readers!

Imagine for a minute that you are on a long overdue vacation in Waikiki. You are getting ready to head to the beach to read the latest best seller you just bought, but you can’t find your reading glasses. Without those readers, the book is practically worthless. You don’t want to spend a bundle on generic readers from the drugstore. What you need is a pair of cheap sunglass readers so you can enjoy your book and your vacation! Hawaiian Lenses is a business that specializes in affordable sunglass readers. These sunglasses are sold in a number of locations throughout Hawaii, so there should be no problem finding exactly what you are looking for. You will be able to read your book plus these sunglasses carry the highest rating for protection from UV rays!

Eye doctors recommend high quality lenses for sunglasses as well as for prescription lenses. You should have complete UV protection, and there are even clear lenses that can provide you with total protection from UV rays. You can find a UV index map for the US at allaboutvision.com/uv/. You will be able to tell how high the UV levels are in your location. Sunglasses from other countries may not have 100 percent UV protection.


If the lenses are made of plastic that is marked CR-39R, UV absorption is around 88 percent. Polycarbonate lenses can give you 100 percent UV absorption. Cheap sunglasses may be made from a material known as triacetate which provides about 40 percent absorption of UV light. Other acrylic materials may be used in sunglasses but UV protection may be partial. You should buy your sunglasses from a reputable company to ensure you get 100 percent absorption.

Hawaiian Lenses is a reputable company that has sunglass readers that offer complete protection from UV rays. They make mans sunglass readers that can be bought throughout the Hawaiian Islands at retail stores and different resort locations. The sunglasses are sold to the rest of the world on the Internet. Men’s frames have some interesting names such as Hammers, Five-O, Cannons, Wires, The Edge, and Kona’s II Polarized. Cannons is named for a rather dangerous surfing spot that fires the surfer as if from a cannon! Five-O is the retro Hawaii Five-O style that does look a bit like one pair of sunglasses that Jack Lord wore once in a blue moon!


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